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Off Season

Off Season

It is My Journey and it is Your Ride! 

I am The murphquake and this is my world...Enjoy!!!

My name is Jim Murphy and I have been shooting photography since my father placed a camera in my hands at age 7, photography has been my passion ever since...after surviving Cancer I have decided to make it my life.

I am for hire for any and all jobs in the photography world, from the Biggest Event to the most intimate shoot. I will bring my most professional and artistic effort to make Photography magic for you.

In 2014 I began to take on many commercial clients in the five county area of Philadelphia and am now expanding this to cover national as well as worldwide photo shoots.

I have had experience in photography shoots on both large & small scale events,  awards ceremonies, magazine shoots, weddings, family portraits, pet portraits, baby portraits, business portfolios, building/architecture shoots, website shoots, commercial shoots, product shoots and quite frankly there is no job that I can't handle. 

I want my clients to know that when you hire me that you will have the Best and most professional photographer that is available on the market today, not only from a talent point of view but also from a personality perspective. 

In 2014 I also started Philly Photo Safari, A private tour company in my City of Philadelphia where "we" walk the city together in search of the ultimate picture (the gallery of pics are here as well as on my Philly Photo Safari FB page) Feel free to contact me if you would like to go on "safari" with me!

Feel free to contact me by phone & text (484)252-8182,  

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